Monday, July 9, 2007

Vegetable Fritters, Greens, Lemon Pudding

Dinner 7/9 by Jan

• Vegetable Fritters

• Spicy Tomato Sauce

• Greens

• Lemon Pudding

Jan started with the recipe soy fritters in The Farm's cookbook and started replacing soybeans with other things to make these delicious vegetable fritters. As if they weren't delicious enough by themselves, she whipped up a tomato sauce to top them off. Oh wondrous improvisation.

The greens are straight from local gardens, cooked just enough to not be bitter, but still keeping all of their flavor.

Finally, Jan cracked open The Farm's recipe for pudding and whipped up something really special. She claims her motivation was to use up some food that was about to spoil in our fridge. If this is true, I may start leaving random things in there and seeing what she comes up with.

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