Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seitan "steak", mashed potatoes, biscuits, carrot sticks

Dinner 7/15 by Juan

• Seitan "steaks"

• Mashed potatoes

• Biscuits

• Carrot sticks

For tonight's dinner, I took the seitan I normally make in a different direction. Instead of cubes, I sliced it into cutlets before boiling. The spice mixture was heavily italian, giving it an intense flavor to balance the potatoes & biscuits.

The mashed potatoes were enhanced by adding oil (for creaminess), salt and vinegar (for flavor). You'll notice I left the skins on - a benefit of using organic potatoes is that you can keep the highly-nutritious skins. Combined with our home-made ketchup, this combination pleased our diners.

In order to ensure folks had enough grains in their dinner, I whipped up some of Jane's Good Biscuits from The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. They live up to their name, and the (few) leftovers will make a good breakfast in the morning.

The carrot sticks provided a fresh vegetable as an appetizer to get folks started before they dug into the "meaty" rest of the meal. I submit this dinner as evidence that vegans don't have to miss out on the American staple of meat and potatoes - we can just make our meat out of wheat.

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