Friday, July 20, 2007

Pasta Salad, Root Bake, Lairdpeas, Squash & Tomatoes

Dinner 7/20 by Rachel

• Fresh pasta salad

• Root bake

• "Lairdpeas"

• Fried squash

• Fresh tomatoes

Rachel whipped up quite a mixture of foods for tonight's community dinner. The pasta salad included broccoli and tomatoes from a local garden. The root bake was a mixture of beets, onions, and carrots tossed lightly in oil and spiced.

"Lairdpeas" are named after Laird from Sandhill. They're chickpeas (aka garbanzos) fried with soysauce. A salty and tasty side dish. Fried squash and fresh raw tomatoes completed another tasty summer meal.

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