Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carrot Salad! Sesame Stir-fry! Baked Tomatoes & Squash! Rice! Granola Bars!

Dinner 7/26 by Ivy

• Fresh carrot salad

• Sesame stir-fry

• Baked tomatoes and squash with garlic

• Brown rice

• Granola bars

Despite recovering from a nasty bug, Ivy whipped up another original and tasty dinner. The fresh carrot salad had raisins and even a little orange she'd brought. The stir-fry reminded me how tasty salted onions and garlic an be when fried and mixed with rice, and the tomatoes and squash continued the trend.

The winner of the evening in my book, however, was the granola Ivy whipped up. Using vegan chocolate chips and shaved coconut, this desert was nothing short of fantastic. Yum!

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