Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vegan Fajitas

Tony whipped up another Mexican-style feast of Vegan Fajitas. The Fajitas included refried beans, rice, nutritional yeast "cheeze", salsa fresca (made with orange heirloom tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot peppers, vinegar, and salt), and an array of fried garden veggies (yellow crookneck squash, onions, garlic, broccoli, okra, carrots, and cabbage) all coated with cumin, chili powder, and salt.

We recently discovered that we still had almost a hundred quarts of tomato juice leftover from last year and with tomatoes coming in season it is time to use it up. So the new rule is a quart with every dinner! I added some of mine to the veggies and the rest as the liquid for the rice.

This meal was brought to you by the pressure cooker. We have found that cooking beans and grains in the pressure cooker is a huge savings in time and cooking gas. Beans that would otherwise cook for two hours take just 10-25 minutes (and some don't even require soaking). Rice can cook in just 15-20 minutes, and I even put mine in the "Hay Box" to finish it off so it won't burn (a hay box is an insulated box that keeps the food hot so it can continue cooking).

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