Saturday, July 21, 2007

Indian Lentils, Squash Stir-fry, Raw Tomato Salad, Sesame Tahini Cookies

Dinner 7/21 by Ivy

• Indian lentils with brown rice

• Tempeh Stir-fry

• Raw Tomato Salad

• Sesame Tahini Cookies

Our guest Ivy took over the kitchen tonight and whipped up some goodies. And she never cracked a cookbook. Intuitive cooking all the way!

The lentils had a lot of flavor, and worked well with the brown rice. She also made up a stir fry of a few vegetables, and crumbled tempeh into it to make a delicious dish that was also high in protein. The raw tomatoes in the salad were from Ironweed - we haven't gotten any in our own garden yet, but some of them are getting close!

The biggest hit of the night were the sesame tahini cookies. Since she didn't use a recipe, I asked her to write down what she did. Here's what she gave me.

use lots of:
buckwheat flour
brown sugar

use some:
vegetable oil
sesame seeds

use a little bit of:
baking soda

She baked them at 350F "til they were done".

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