Friday, July 6, 2007

Lunch in an Organic Vegan Food Co-op

Dinner 7/5 & Lunch 7/6 by Tony

• Pizza
Toppings included sauerkraut, dilly beans, soysage, tomato sauce, nutritional yeast cheez, salsa.

• Greens and Dilly Beans

• Soysage (Lunch)

• Salad (Lunch)

• Carrot sticks (Lunch)

A full crop of visitors ate dinner with us last night, so Tony made his famous pizza. As usually happens when he does so, there were few leftovers. What made this batch of pizza unique, however, was what Tony did when he ran out of tomato sauce.

He made half the pizza with no sauce (which, given the deliciousness of the cheez, was fantastic) and for the other half, he added spicy salsa, to give a whole new tasty experience. Next time, maybe he'll add some refried beans and make burrizza.

Given that the cook for dinner is responsible for lunch the next day, people tend to depend heavily on leftovers. When there are few, however, the cook ends up whipping up some new stuff. In order to help ensure there was enough food, Tony added vegetables and salad from Dan's garden, as well as some soysage to the meal. Yum yum.

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