Monday, July 16, 2007

Nori rolls, sesame beans, miso soup

Dinner 7/16 by Ali

• Nori rolls

• Sesame beans

• Miso soup

We call these nori rolls "sushi" around Bobolink. That's not exactly accurate. "Maki" is closer, but truthfully, we just fill the nori roll with rice and whatever else we want. Ali benefited from many of the fresh vegetables in the garden for these rolls, and also threw in some tempeh, sauerkraut, and nut butters into the mix. Perhaps the most cross-cultural nori was one that had pesto and sauerkraut, for a clash of cultures that ended up really tasty.

The sesame beans continued the asian theme, and miso soup rounded out the meal. This soup was made with the white miso that Amy and Thomas put together, added into a broth with onions and greens. I'm not ashamed to say that miso soup is my favorite soup in the world.


Amy Skyhouse said...

Those look like fresh beans from someone's garden! Not the canned stuff we've been eating all winter. Is this true? Am I missing out on fresh beans from Skyhouse/Dan's garden?!

Juan Skyhouse said...

Afraid so. The fresh beans have been rollin' in, and we're probably even going to can a few quarts this week.