Monday, July 2, 2007

Samosas, Salad, Sweet Rice and other S's

Dinner 7/2 by Ali with help from Rory & Panda

• Samosas

• Split-pea Hummus

• Salad with Cashew-Macadamia dressing

• Sweet Rice

• Apple Chutney

Ahh, Indian food. My favorite food. The samosas here tasted just like they came from an Indian restaurant. They really came from The Spice Box: Vegetarian Indian Cookbook by Manju Shivraj Singh. If you don't know what a samosa is, it's basically a deep-fried pastry filled with a potato-onion mash.

Ironically enough, Ali made the apple chutney during her last visit to DR. So using it with the samosas closed the circle. Must be kismet.

This was the first time I've had a hummus without a bread product to put it on. Instead, I mixed it in with my rice - and it was good stuff.

Topping it off was the salad. Dan grew this lettuce, and it was crispy and delicious. The dressing was made using Cashew-Macadamia (or cash-mac) Butter from East Wind. We buy it and all of our other nut butters directly from EW when we can - it's great to support another community in their endeavors.

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