Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Broken Heart, Mujadara over Rice, and Cucumber Salad

Dinner 7/11 by Dan

• Broken Heart

• Mujadara

• Rice

• Cucumber Salad

Tonight's dinner was a group of new dishes for me. It was a combination of spicy cooked food with raw fresh vegetables as a counterweight.

Broken Heart is a spicy beet-based dish that Dan tells us was invented by someone at the cohousing where he used to live. Shredded coconut and spices bring it home - a great addition to our co-op's repertoire.

Continuing with new things, mujadara is a lentil dish that uses epazote as its primary spice. It had a little kick, and was complemented by a fresh cucumber salsa and deep-fried garlic and garlic scapes. Served over rice, the whole kid & caboodle made a fantastic flavor mixture.

Rounding out dinner was a fresh cucumber and carrot salad, bringing in the first cucumbers of this year's harvest. Cuc's are one of my favorite vegetables, and I've missed them. It's good to have them back.

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