Saturday, September 1, 2007

Edamame, Rice Patties, Fried Squash, Steamed Corn, Leftovers and Gingerbread

Dinner 9/1 by Rachel (with help from Cynder)

• Edamame

• Rice Patties

• Fried Squash

• Steamed Corn

• Leftovers

• Gingerbread

I listed edamame first because it's Rachel's favorite! This year, Skyhouse has a big patch in our garden and it's great to see them coming in such delicious quantity. Edamame is the Japanese name, but they're also called green soys or butter beans (but other things are called butter beans, too). They're just boiled with a bit of salt in the water and eaten right out of the pods.

Rachel is the leftover queen. She does a great job of taking stuff that's been in our fridge (that people are usually tired of eating) and transforming them into something new and exciting. Tonight's magical transformation happened to a container of mostly rice with a few veggies that she mixed with flour and onions and then fried into patties. I thought they were great!

Fried squash. Still delicious to me. Still old hat for everyone who wasn't away for two months. Stay tuned for my blog entry about pickled yellow squash. Some folks made a batch while I was gone and I was blown away by how sweet and crunchy they ended up. It's a great way to use up a bunch of squash and turn it into something the even self-proclaimed pickle-avoiders like!

I'm not sure where the corn came from. Maybe Dan's garden? I'll have to check.

And, for all of you that wonder what happens to leftovers that don't get polished off at lunch the next day, here's the ugly truth. If it's not transformed into something else, we eat it again! Shocking! But true. ;)

The gingerbread was made entirely by Cynder, one of the kids here at DR. All Rachel did was point out ingredients and turn on the stove. It turned out great and I thought it was perfect — moist and gingery. Thanks Cynder!

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