Saturday, September 29, 2007

Black Beans, Brown Rice, Fresh Salsa, Apple Crisp

Dinner 9/29 by Papa Bear and Alyssa

• Black Beans

• Brown Rice

• Fresh Salsa

• Apple Crisp

Today was Dancing Rabbit's Annual Open House, so we were all busy showing off the village to our neighbors all afternoon. Many thanks to Papa Bear and Alyssa for finding the time and energy to put a yummy dinner together!

Things of note about this meal are that it was made without any references to recipes and it was focused around using up as many tomatoes from the Skyhouse garden as possible. There are still a fair amount in the bowl, so I'm sure they'll make an appearance tomorrow night as well.

The apple crisp was made with a bag of organic apples from town that Alyssa found to be more of the baking variety than the snacking kind. Her crumble topping was made with oats, flour, sorghum and cashew-macadamia nut butter (which we get from East Wind Community and is a totally decadent non-bioregional treat).

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