Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chipoti, Indian Tomato&Okra, Indian Tofu with Mint Chutney, Zucchini Bread

Dinner 9/8 by Rachel, with some last-minute help from Tony

• Chipoti

• Indian tomato and okra

• Indian tofu and vegetables with mint chutney

• Zucchini bread

Tonight's dinner was an extravaganza of Indian flavors. Using some Indian-spiced tofu from Twin Oaks as a base, Rachel whipped up what you see. The veggies are starting to slow down to a manageable level - it wasn't long ago that it felt like we were swimming in tomatoes. Even that notorious squash is letting up.

So while quantity may be slowing down, variety is at its peak. Celery, tomatoes, okra, and beans are just a few of the ones that made it into this dish. The mint chutney made with mint from our garden topped it all off.

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Dan said...

Tony, thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving those useful suggestions. I responded to your comment (I'm actually reading a book by someone you may know).

And you're vegan too! Awesome. My wife and I have been for about 6 years now. And we LOVE it.