Friday, September 21, 2007

Lentils with Veggies, Sweet and Sour Cabbage with Tart Apples, Brown Rice

Dinner 9/21 by Amy with lots of help from Juan

• Lentils with Veggies

• Sweet and Sour Cabbage with Tart Apples

• Brown Rice

I spent most of today making applesauce and canning it, so dinner was pretty simple. The apples came from an orchard up in Minnesota where we just visited. They aren't organic, but since we only had one come in due to frost (and everyone's eyeing it!), we thought it would be good to pick some up for the winter. So, 12 quarts seem to have canned without any trouble, but when time to cook rolled around, I was pretty beat. Luckily Juan jumped in to help and he washed almost every single dish. He's my hero!

The lentil dish came from Aveline Kushi's "Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking" which I find to have lots of great, simple, mostly-bioregional recipes. Onions, celery, carrots and lentils were layered in a pot and then water was added. After boiling, some soy sauce was added and then it was simmered a little more.

There were a few tart apples left from making applesauce, so I plucked some cabbages from the garden and made the cabbage dish. It's from Christina Pirello's "Cooking the Whole Foods Way" which I love. The recipes are a little more complex than Aveline's book, but I like how they are vegan (with the exception of the "Fish" section) and much more whole than most other books.

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