Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tempeh Rubens, Roasted Potatoes, Onions and Peppers, Variety of Pickles

Dinner 9/26 by Brian

• Tempeh Rubens

• Roasted Potatoes

• Onions and Peppers

• Variety of Pickles

This isn't the first time that Brian made these delicious sandwiches. I'm a *HUGE* fan of tempeh, so these sandwiches rock my little world. He made whole wheat rolls with Sandhill's organic wheat — ground in our electric mill. On that went the marinated, baked slab of tempeh (also made at Sandhill with their organic soybeans). Then it was topped with ketchup (from Skyhouse's garden), tahini-garlic sauce, and our own fresh sauerkraut. So filling!

The roasted potatoes used up most of what was left from our garden. Brian says there's a handful left, so they'll make a tasty breakfast for someone. Fried onions and peppers were for either the sandwich or the potatoes, so I put them on the taters and it was heavenly.

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