Monday, September 3, 2007

Seitan, Sauteéd Veggies, Brown Sauce, Sweet Brown Rice, Trail Mix Cookies

Dinner 9/3 by Juan and Amy

• Baked Seitan

• Sauteéd Veggies

• Brown Sauce

• Sweet Brown Rice

• Trail Mix Cookies

Tonight's dinner is one that Juan and I make pretty regularly, but usually it's General Tso's sauce. We try to cook together two nights back-to-back; that way we don't have to spend four days in the kitchen. Sometimes when we're busy, we fall back to this old standby. Juan made his delicious seitan. The veggies were onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, carrots and yellow squash — all from Skyhouse's garden. YUM! The brown sauce was sautéed onions and garlic mixed with the marinade from yesterday's tofu satay, some sorghum, more soy sauce and a splash of cider vinegar.

Normally, we wouldn't serve sweet brown rice as a side dish on its own, but we've run out of all the other kinds we stock. Our brown basmati got an unusual moth infestation. Usually that doesn't happen to our rice, so we stopped using it. That meant we ate through our short grain brown rice faster than usual, so only sweet brown is left. It's more glutinous than short or long grain, so it's great for sushi-making (I use half sweet, half short). Now, we're just waiting for the next bulk food order to restock our rices.

The cookies were special though. They were the oatmeal cookie recipe from The New Farm Cookbook but with oil instead of margarine, and sorghum instead of the sugars, PLUS the bottom of a bag of Trader Joe's Cashew Macadamia Cranberry Trail Mix left over from my recent trip. I accidentally overcooked the first batch, but people still seemed to enjoy them.

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