Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tofu Satay, Spring Rolls, and Tofu and Veggies on Rice Noodles

Dinner 9/2 by Amy and Juan

• Tofu Satay

• Spring Rolls

• Tofu and Veggies on Rice Noodles

Tonight's dinner was a Thai extravaganza brought to us by a can of coconut milk and rice noodles galore from the Asian Market in Iowa.

The tofu was marinated in a mix of water, soy sauce, ground ginger and fresh, chopped garlic. I let it marinate for a few hours and then put it on skewers in the oven for about an hour at 350 degrees. Served with our variation of chinese peanut sauce from "Asian Noodles" by Nina Simonds.

The spring rolls were filled with mung bean noodles, grated carrot from the Skyhouse garden, sliced cucumbers from Dan's garden, fried tofu strips (from Twin Oaks) and mint and thai basil also from Skyhouse's garden. Juan whipped up a tasty soy-based dipping sauce to go with them.

The main dish was rice noodles served with fried tofu and veggies. The sauce was *very* loosely based on this one. We served chopped cilantro from Dan's garden and sliced thai chili peppers from Skyhouse's garden.

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