Monday, September 24, 2007

Salad, Rice, Indian Kidney Beans, Okra & Tomatoes, Green Beans w/Cumin & Fennel

Dinner 9/24 by Rachel

• Plain basmati rice

• Ironweed salad

• Indian kidney beans

• Okra & tomatoes

• Green beans with cumin and fennel

Tonight's dinner had a slew of flavors. Indian dishes galore from Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian book made all with vegetables from Dancing Rabbit gardens. Rachel even followed the recipe for plain basmati rice in the same book for consistency.

The real treat, though, at least in my opinion, was the salad. This was the first salad of the Fall harvest, and boy did those greens taste good.

I've gotten spoiled by our fresh produce around these parts. Amy and I recently visited my mother and stepfather in Minnesota, so I ate supermarket and restaurant produce for a week. Compared to what we eat here, it tasted like water. Nothing beats fresh, organic, and local.

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