Saturday, September 29, 2007

Salad, Lentil Tomato Soup, Cornbread, Veggie Saute, Applesauce Cake

Dinner 9/28 by BJ

• Salad

• Lentil Tomato Soup

• Cornbread

• Veggie Sauté

• Applesauce Cake

I am loving having Ironweed salads at meals. They put in lemony sorrel that I can't get enough of. Yum! BJ made a herb dressing that we could put on it. I think it was made of oil, apple cider vinegar, and a bunch of herbs.

The lentil tomato soup was a bit spicy thanks to a hot pepper from Dan's garden. Luckily some cornbread was there to help put out the fire. Tonight's veggie sauté was made up of celery, cabbage and carrots from Skyhouse's garden.

The applesauce cake was made with applesauce that BJ bought at the store and had raisins dotting the top. The recipe is from The New Farm Cookbook, a favorite among Bobolinkers.

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