Friday, August 31, 2007

Spicy Shelled Beans, Beets and Potatoes, and Fried Soysage

Dinner 8/31 by Dan

• Spicy Shelled Beans

• Beets and Potatoes

• Fried Soysage

Tonight was our Community Dinner (where Rabbits each bring their own plate to the Common House and eat together), so I didn't see Dan to ask him lots of details about dinner, but I have a feeling a lot of it came from his garden. The beans were spicy with chunks of tomato and onion. I'm not sure how the beets and potatoes were prepared, but they had flecks of fresh basil which really brought out the sweetness.

The soysage is from Twin Oaks Community. There were two kinds — one chewier than the other. Both delicious! An amazing meal considering Dan spent most of the day shoveling gravel for the foundation of his house. Thanks Dan!

EDIT: Dan told me that it's three different kinds of shell beans from his garden: hyacinth, cowpea and tongue of fire.

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