Friday, August 24, 2007

Empanadas, Crudités and Hummus, Fried Squash, Edamame, and Melons

Dinner 8/24 by Rachel

• Empanadas

• Crudités and Hummus

• Fried Squash

• Edamame

• Melons

I'm baaa-aaack! I've been traveling for about two months having all kinds of eating experiences far and away from Dancing Rabbit. Still, there's no place like home and after eating so many processed, refined and convenience foods, Bobolink's simple, pure, whole fare was just what my heart (and tummy) needed!

Rachel put together these beautiful plates of summer's very abundant bounty. Everything looked so good, I wasn't sure where to start! The empanadas were filled with either lentil paté or black beans — an excellent use of leftovers from previous meals.

The veggies were all grown in our garden and had so much flavor! It's amazing how spoiled we get by eating vine-ripened fruits and veggies. The stuff sold in stores (that's picked early and gassed to bring out the color, or waxed to create not-particularly-important-in-my-opinion shine) just can't compete with the real deal.

Bobolinkers who have been here all summer may be tired of eating squash, but to me, it was buttery and delicious. I can't wait to eat my fill and find new and interesting ways to cook it up!

Just look how easy and delicious sustainable meals can be! I am really infused with so much excitement about what we're cooking up here. We've all been busy with the bustling activity of summer, but we hope to update more frequently and have more recipes for y'all soon, so please keep coming back! ♥

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