Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rice & Beans, Sloppy Joe Mix, Indian Squash

Dinner 8/12 by Juan with help from Skyhawk

• Short-grained rice and beans

• Sloppy joe mix

• Indian squash

Tonight I had the unique pleasure of being the only Bobolink member at dinner. Nevertheless, I tried to ensure the Dancing Rabbit visitors had a tasty meal before leaving tomorrow morning. As such, I started with the sloppy joe mix from The Farm's cookbook served over rice with some black beans thrown in for extra protein.

One of the visitors, Skyhawk, claims to be a complete amateur at cooking, yet he suggested the idea of frying squash and spicing it heavily with Indian spices. I ended up adding curry, pepper, cumin, and a little ground mustard. It ended up making a meal we've had frequently of late, fried squash, new again.

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