Friday, August 10, 2007

Seitan Stir-fry, Steamed Winter Squash, Brown Rice, Corn on the Cob

Dinner 8/9 by Tony

• Seitan stir-fry with sweet & sour sauce

• Steamed winter squash

• Brown rice

• Corn on the cob

With a little visitor help, Tony came up with a new tasty set of dishes. His seitan's texture and flavor was fantastic, and it went very well with the combination of fried and steamed vegetables. The winter squash were harvested out of necessity; we'd normally have left them until the late fall, but pests and weather had other plans.

The sweet & sour sauce used honey for its sweetness, vinegar for it's sourness. It had a little kick in the form of diced cherry-bomb hot peppers from our garden, and some spices (including the Tony standard - cinnamon). Great on the stir-fry, great on the rice.

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