Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baked Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Biscuits, Gravy

Dinner 11/4 by Amy and Juan

• Baked Beans

• Brussel Sprouts

• Biscuits

• Gravy

Tonight I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I tried to keep dinner simple. The baked beans were Christina Pirello's recipe from "Cooking the Whole Foods Way". They were baked with apple butter, miso, mustard, onions, vinegar, and a little brown rice syrup. Tony gave them an A+!

The brussel sprouts were harvested from our garden. Rachel gave us the tip that they are sweeter if left until after the frost, so we've been trying to wait patiently for the cold to come. Last year, we would bring completely frozen stalks inside so they would defrost before we cooked them. Tonight, they were simply boiled and people ate them with gravy or some margarine that we had left over from the Bloody Finger Cookies.

Juan whipped up Janie's Good Biscuits from The New Farm Cookbook. Slathered with Herbed Brown Gravy from Joanne Stepaniak's "Nutritional Yeast Cookbook", they rounded out the meal nicely.

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Brian said...

Oh man, I guess I just totally missed my chance at those brussel sprouts!