Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chunky Minestrone, Vegetable Fritters, Chocolate Pudding

Dinner 11/28 by Juan and Amy

• Chunky Minestrone

• Vegetable Fritters

• Chocolate Pudding

Though it would appear so, Juan and I don't cook almost every meal. :) We're two out of five people, so between our two shifts, plus two no-cook nights where I don't blog, plus a potluck once a week where I don't blog, sometimes the blog doesn't get to show the whole picture. And it will probably get worse as Bobolinkers travel for the holidays. I'm just getting you prepared so it's not a total shock. :)

Because the weather's been getting so cold, Juan made a big pot of soup. He started with sauteéd onions and garlic and added half tomato juice and half water. Then threw in potatoes, carrots, white beans and a bunch of spices. I love a big bowl of soup on a wintry night.

I made some vegetable fritters based on this recipe from, but I used all chickpea flour and added some carrots and corn for color.

The chocolate pudding was inspired by the recipe for Mom's Chocolate Pudding from "La Dolce Vegan". We didn't have any soymilk handy, so I used Thomas' technique of blending cashew-macadamia butter with some water to make it milky. Also, I used sorghum as the sweetener. It formed a nice skin on top (which we made the mistake of mixing in) just like mom's used to make!

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