Sunday, November 18, 2007

UnTurkey with Stuffing, Ginger Glazed Squash, Gravy

Dinner 11/18 by Amy and Juan

• UnTurkey with Stuffing

• Ginger Glazed Squash

• Gravy

This was our second attempt at making an UnTurkey and this time it came out much, much better. Instead of 8 cups of wheat gluten flour, I used 6 cups of wheat gluten flour and 2 cups of whole wheat flour. The texture was a bit softer and held together nicely. I also used the yuba that I bought online. I've tried to make it myself, but haven't mastered the skill at all. The yuba made a nice crispy skin that helped keep the moisture of the seitan in. With a few technique tweaks, I think this is how we'll make it on Thursday.

Here's what the UnTurkey looked like coming out of the oven. I haven't figured out how to keep it from breaking in half, so I just made each half into its own UnTurkey. I invited a neighboring family to dinner and one of their kids asked if it was real turkey!

The squash recipe came from Christina Pirello's "Cooking the Whole Foods Way", but instead of acorn squash, I used some sweet dumplings that we grew in our garden. Juan also made some other substitutions, like using black currant jam and apple butter in place of the apricot jam. I hear that apricots don't grow too well around here, so we used what we had. The sauce was sweet and gingery. We even roasted the seeds for a treat tomorrow.


Joanne said...

Canadian Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm scrambling to find the unturkey recipe...the website is gone. Can you give me the recipe please?? Thank you, thank you!!

letitburn said...

I would also like the recipe if possible...the website just disappeared -- I looked at it not that long ago! my email is
Thank you!

Amy Skyhouse said...

The UnTurkey site is no longer up, but you can get the recipe through the copy of the site:

The recipe starts about a quarter of the way down.

Happy cooking!