Saturday, November 3, 2007

Vegetable Soup, Proteinated Rice

Dinner 11/3 by Juan

• Culinary Experiment #1: Soup

• Culinary Experiment #2: Proteinated Rice

For tonight's dinner, I decided to go nuts and just try experimenting. I mixed up some soup based on tomato juice, and then added potatoes and sweet potatoes (both bought from the Mennonite farmers up the road), celery, onions, and some herbs in the Italian vein, all from our garden. I felt it was fairly successful.

For the second experiment, I took some rice and fried it up with some TVP and some spices. This was really good with pepper relish.

Now that the frost has hit, we'll likely start using our preserved vegetables. The garden is essentially dead for the winter, although a few brassicas supposedly taste best after the frost.

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