Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bloody Finger Cookies


Here at Dancing Rabbit, we're pretty rural, so trick-or-treating is near impossible. We'd exhaust ourselves walking to the nearest neighbor's house! So instead, we have our own tradition of the Progressive Fiasco. The way it works is that various people volunteer to host a part of the celebration and we all travel around together. That way everyone gets to party instead of sitting at home waiting for the party to come their way. It works out great and we each only end up hosting for 10 or 15 minutes.

Tonight, we're hosting tarot, ouija and Bloody Finger Cookies at Skyhouse. The *AWESOME* recipe come from Lindy Loo who I am totally in love with. Her blog is so funny, it totally rocks and I not-so-secretly worship her, so when The End Times come, I hope that she'll look kindly on my devotion and we'll get to share recipes together forever. At least that's how I like to think it will all go down. That's the best endorsement I can come up with. :)

Anyway, back to cookies. Here are some pics just in case you didn't get enough on the recipe page. So far, everyone who has seen the cookies thinks they are the best thing ever. Even Alline, who I know has seen some pretty cool stuff in her time. Thanks for the compliments, Alline!

Before they go into the oven:

The final display before I put a candle in the middle:

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