Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Samosas, Coconut Mint Chutney, Split Pea Dal, Brown Rice, Salad

Dinner 10/31 by Brian

• Samosas

• Coconut Mint Chutney

• Split Pea Dal

• Brown Rice

• Salad

Not much time to blog tonight since the Progressive Fiasco starts in 20 minutes and I still have to get into my "tourist" costume, but dinner was delish. The samosas were stuffed with potatoes and carrots. Brian made the chutney with a can of coconut milk leftover from the Reunion cooking and fresh mint from the garden.

The dal was made with some seriously old yellow split peas that don't get used too often. This means that they didn't cook all the way through after and hour and a half. So, that dish didn't really come out, but he's continuing to cook it so it will be ready by lunch tomorrow.

Rice and an Ironweed salad rounded out dinner nicely. I'm kind of glad that the dal didn't cook up because we all need to save room for all of the Halloween treats tonight!

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