Sunday, October 7, 2007

Seitan Steaks, Baked Potato Bar, Assorted Goodies

Dinner 10/7 by Juan with help from Amy, Chris and Liberty

• Seitan Steaks

• Baked Potato Bar

• Assorted Goodies

Have you missed me? This past weekend was the 10th Anniversary of the purchase of Dancing Rabbit's land, so we had a big reunion inviting back anyone who ever lived or interned here. Quite a few people showed up including neighbors and friends! We had lots of yummy food, but it was all coordinated so the party could eat together, so I thought it would be a good time to take a few days off.

Now that most people have left, Bobolink is back in action! Juan made his usual seitan in steak form. We bought a boatload of potatoes from a neighboring organic farmer, so some of those got baked up. Toppings included, nut yeast cheez from The New Farm Cookbook, steamed broccoli from the garden, hickory bits from Joanne Stepaniak's "Vegan Vittles", fresh salsa (made with tomatoes and a hot pepper from the garden, onions, garlic, salt and vinegar) and some Earth Balance that was left over from the reunion food.

One of our guests, Chris, brought a few packages of treats for us. Tonight, we had a wheat-free chocolate brownie (which was surprisingly fantastic) and blueberry fig bars (which were as fantastic as I was hoping). Yay treats!

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Nanny Lauren said...

We did miss you! Happy to see you back.