Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vegan Banana Walnut Brownie

Breakfast 1/10 by Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago

Okay, so this isn't a Bobolink meal, exactly (though I did eat it for breakfast) and it's not something that anyone in the co-op made (though I wish they would), but it was something worth sharing. Juan and I (along with our generous hostess), stopped by Bleeding Heart Bakery for some treats to bring on the train with us on the way back to DR. I picked the Vegan Banana Walnut Brownie. It was, without a doubt...



I've made dozens of brownie recipes since becoming vegan and all of them are either too cakey or so moist they never solidify. This brownie was the perfect balance of moist and crusty. With perfect walnut halves dotting the top. And best of all, it's organic! It was the brownie that I'd almost given up the search for and now will haunt my dreams (since I don't think I'll be up in Chicago nearly often enough to meet my Recommended Daily Brownie Allowance).

Now that you know they're there (and they come in other flavors that I was a fool not to buy!), go and partake in their brownie manna, but don't think that one bar will feed the masses. Buy yourself a few!

Bleeding Heart Bakery
1955 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

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