Monday, January 21, 2008

Black Bean Soup, Samosas, Brown Rice, Peach Chutney

Dinner 1/21 by Brian

• Black Bean Soup

• Samosas

• Brown Rice

• Peach Chutney

Tonight's dinner was black bean soup made with tomato juice as the stock. It had some veggies, but was mostly beans. I'll have to ask Brian what else was in there or if the recipe was from something. He recommended we put the rice into the soup to add a little more texture.

The samosas were filled with potato and corn that we froze over the summer. He handmade each one and they were served with peach chutney we made two summers ago with green peaches thinned from the trees. It also has yummy raisins that have soaked up some of the liquid in the chutney and are now fat and juicy.

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