Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spicy Korean Soup, General Tso's Seitan, Brown Rice

Dinner 1/17 by Juan and Amy

• Spicy Korean Soup

• General Tso's Seitan

• Brown Rice

While in Chicago recently, I went to Amitabul, a vegan Korean restaurant that considers itself a healthy food restaurant. My friend had a spicy "cure all" soup that I tasted a sip of. I thought it was so delicious that I tried to recreate it here. First, I fried up some onion and garlic in some oil with a little salt. Then, I added tomato juice (a by-product of all the tomato sauce we make), water, dried corn, dried kale, some fresh chopped carrots and a pint of Dan's canned spicy kimchi. In the last few minutes, I added some of the 2-year barley miso that Thomas and I made and a package of rice noodles that Juan's mom gave us a while back. The end result was spicy, but spicy in a tasty way. :)

Tonight, was also a new twist on an old favorite. Instead of making his usual seitan, Juan tried the recipe from Veganomicon. It used straight wheat gluten, so we were dubious from the beginning. How could it not come out like rubber? In the end, we had some gluten that was textured surprisingly like a cross between silken tofu and shitake mushrooms (in my opinion). I think we'll fry the leftovers before lunch tomorrow.

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