Friday, January 18, 2008

Hot and Sour Soup, Tofu in Brown Sauce and Brown Rice

Dinner 1/18 by Dan

• Hot and Sour Soup

• Tofu in Brown Sauce

• Brown Rice

Dan makes excellent tofu and it's totally inspiring that he makes it from scratch. He uses organic soybeans grown at Sandhill, 3 miles away and some epsom salts. It's always such a treat that I wish we were making it more often! Tonight, he made his tofu with a brown sauce that tasted like garlic, ginger and soy sauce. He served it with some long grain brown rice.

The hot and sour soup was made from the stock Juan had leftover from making seitan last night. Dan added onions, garlic, kimchi, chunks of tofu and some yuba that we had leftover from the great UnTurkey experiments in November. It was definitely hot and spicy and very similar to the hot and sour soups I've had before going vegan. One person commented that what made it taste so authentic was the amount of oil on the surface. :)

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