Friday, December 14, 2007

Corn Chowder, Miss Lindsey's Tempeh, Brown Rice

Dinner 12/14 by Amy

• Corn Chowder

• Miss Lindsey's Tempeh

• Brown Rice

Tonight, I made some corn chowder with some of the corn we froze over the summer. We have a Sun Frost refrigerator, so our freezer is pretty small. So, even though we do have the occasional pint of Soy Delicious, we usually try to prioritize freezing corn, spinach, and sometimes fruit. I used two quart-sized bags and a few potatoes from our stash. I didn't follow a recipe in particular, but this one is pretty close. I used cashew-macadamia nut butter from East Wind community instead of the cashew milk.

Miss Lindsey's Tempeh is a recipe from the inside of a Sandhill tempeh package. It's fried tempeh that is glazed with a sauce of water, soy sauce, sorghum, ground coriander, paprika and minced garlic. I also added some fried onions. It's quick and easy. Short grain brown rice soaked up the extra glaze.


graceonline said...

Omigums, this food looks so good. I must try some of your recipes. I wish I had the time to build a Squidoo lens about Dancing Rabbit to go with my series on ecovillages and sustainable communities, but I'm way backlogged. If you'd like more readers and to get the word out to a growing green community on Squidoo, please consider building a lens there. It's easy, free, and can become addictive, but the exposure is great.

Anonymous said...

I always make this recipe with half the liquid the recipe calls for--it takes less time to cook (to boil off the "extra" liquid) and tastes just as good!

I normally use all the soy sauce called for, just less water.

--Cecil (from Gaya, Bihar, India, where the food is pretty good too! As Tony used to say, "India, they eat Indian food *every day*)

Jimmy said...

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