Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sizzling Seitan Fajitas

Dinner 6/7 by Tony

• Sizzling Seitan with Broccoli, Bok Choy, Garlic Scapes and Green Onions

• Refried Pinto Beans

• Whole Wheat Torpitas

• Nutritional Yeast Cheez

• Cashew Sour Kreem

• Mild and Spicy Salsa

• Salad

"This is heavenly! I'm so moving here," said Nassif, one of our visitors. Quite the compliment, I say! Tony made the tortillas from scratch using whole wheat flour. But he called them "torpitas" due to their light fluffiness and how some had air pockets like pitas. I scooped on more stuffing than my torpita could hold, so I had to eat mine open-faced. It was so delicious!

The Nut Yeast Cheez is a recipe made quite frequently in our kitchen from "The New Farm Cookbook". I used it the other morning in my Eggless Omelettes.

The Cashew Sour Kreem is from "Simply Heavenly" by Abbot George Burke. It is a great non-dairy replacement for sour cream, especially when tofu isn't available. I love that cookbook because it has vegan recipes for almost everything! The salsas were made last summer with abundance from our garden. The salad came from Ironweed.

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