Friday, June 8, 2007

Chinese Dim Sum

Dinner 6/8 by Rachel

• Panfried Dumplings

• Scallion Pancake

• Chinese Falafel (Fried Filling Balls)

• Soy-based Dipping Sauce

• Stir-fried Bok Choy, Garlic Scapes and Scallion

• Miso Soup with White Beans and Greens

• Salad with Red Radishes

Rachel really went above and beyond with this amazing Chinese-inspired spread. The plump dumplings had TVP, spinach, garlic scapes and green onion. So delicious! There was extra filling, so she added wheat flour and fried them into tasty little balls. They had a crunchy, slightly chewy texture that I really liked. I'll have to try making them sometime. And really, scallion pancakes don't need more of an explanation -- they're fried oniony doughy deliciousness.

The bok choy was a gift from Sandhill and it made a lovely greens dish. It was lightly seasoned with soy sauce which brought out the vegetables' natural sweetness. The miso soup was made with the last of the quick white chickpea and rice miso that Thomas and I whipped up last year. Now there's room in the fridge for some of the white bean and rice miso that's been fermenting in the back room since April. Which means it's time to start thinking about what our next batch of quick miso will be. I'm voting for more of the chickpea and rice.

I love Chinese food and living in rural Missouri, it's not that easy to get. The closest Chinese restaurants are 45 minutes away in Kirksville, but they don't serve Dim Sum. It's also not easy to cook for a group of 8, so I really appreciate when someone takes the time to make a bunch of individual dumplings or scallion pancakes. This meal was a real treat!


Stan said...

Rachel, this menu looks really great! I would like to try some first hand but don't have many of the ingredients. How does one gather small amounts (for two people) of what is needed? Stan

Stan said...

and what actually is the recipe?