Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Curried Split Pea Soup and Focaccia

Dinner 6/13 by Brian

• Curried Split Pea Soup

• Herby Focaccia with Garlic Scapes and Green Onions

• Salad

• Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brian's been into curry recently and I'm not complaining. Curry is one of those complex flavors that I have yet to tire of. Bobolink used to buy curry powder, but recently made a decision to start making it from scratch instead. Though I think that Brian used the Madras curry powder left from when I moved here.

The focaccia was a nice treat. It's not something that folks around here make often. I'm glad to see Brian so confident with breads and baking -- a lot of people are intimidated by whole wheat, using yeast or sourdough and/or our oven which has unpredictable temperatures. I still haven't tired of the garlic scapes yet. :)

I've heard that salads might stop being delivered soon. It's starting to get to hot outside and the plants are starting to bolt. Until I moved here, lettuce is one of those things that I thought grew all the time. I was surprised to find a lot of plants don't produce year round or during all of the warm months. But salads will return once the hot summer sun mellows and the later plantings mature.

Chocolate may not be bioregional, but it's something that a lot of people here still enjoy. Bobolink doesn't usually stock chocolate chips, so individuals buy them in a small bags from Zimmerman's, the local general store. The recipe for these cookies came from "Simple Treats" by Ellen Abraham. I really like this cookbook because the recipes tend to be free of refined-sugar. I recommend the Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies!

You can get Brian's Foccacia recipe here


katc said...

Do you actually publish your recipes and ingredient lists?

Amy Skyhouse said...

Hi katc! I am planning to publish the occasional recipe when it seems like it's something people are interested in (or it's too good not to share!), but since I'm only one of the cooks, I have to rely on the others to contribute their recipes.

So far, I have posted Tony's Pizza and General Tso's Sauce recipes -- the links are on the right hand menu. Which other ones are you interested in? I'll try to wrangle them up!