Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ethiopian Feast

Dinner 6/21 by Tony

• Injera

• 2 Kinds of Lentil Wat

• Sautéed Broccoli

• Cabbage and Green Beans

• Boiled Kale

• Salad

Tony made a wonderful Ethiopian spread for dinner tonight. He invited our friends from Ironweed as our guests, so it was extra fun without plates, using the injera to eat off of communal dishes. The injera was made from mostly barley flour with a bit of wheat flour thrown in. It's a sourdough mixture, so Tony started it two days ago. Traditionally, injera is used in place of silverware.

Tony based a lot of this meal on recipes from "Exotic Ethiopian Cooking" by D.J. Mesfin. The lentil wats were made with red lentils. Both were spiced with berbere (a red pepper chili spice mixture), but one had more spice than the other. The veggie dishes were all delicious. The cabbage and green beans used sauerkraut and canned green beans as its base -- so it's a dish we can have in the winter. This was our last salad for a while due to the summer heat. Tony dressed it up with a perfect homemade italian dressing.

Just look at this beautiful injera!

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