Saturday, June 2, 2007

Homemade Tofu Stirfry with Spicy Ginger Sauce

Dinner 6/2 by Dan

• Homemade Tofu Stirfry with Spicy Ginger Sauce

• Long Grain Brown Rice

• Garlic Scapes Vinaigrette

• Spinach Pakora

Tonight's dinner was a perfect example of why I love my food co-op (and I can't seem to lose those few extra pounds!). The food was so yummy, I was sad to look down and see an empty plate.

Dan makes tofu pretty regularly. He uses organic soybeans grown at Sandhill so we have all of the freshness, but none of the packaging. He is also an avid gardener, so some of the pac choy from his garden went into the stirfry along with green onions, lacinato and red russian kale, and some garlic scapes.

Garlic scapes are by far the most exciting thing growing right now. Well, at least I think so. I hadn't ever heard of them before I moved here, but now I wait patiently for the green garlic to start putting up flower stalks -- just so I can cut them down and eat them. :) Thanks to Ironweed's market garden, I can look forward to a few more deliveries of these tasty cuttings.

The spinach pakora were also incredible. He based it on the recipe from "The Spice Box" by Manju Shivraj Singh. They were just like I've had them in Indian restaurants -- all we were missing was the sweet tamarind chutney to dip them in. I think the secret (besides frying, which makes everything delicious) is the chickpea flour which has a particular nutty flavor that I enjoy.

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