Wednesday, February 6, 2008

General Tso's Seitan, Brown Rice, Sesame Squash Rings

Dinner 2/6 by Juan and Amy

General Tso's Seitan

• Brown Rice

• Sesame Squash Rings

Tonight, Juan and I made our old standby, General Tso's Seitan. Normally, I wouldn't bother blogging something that's already been blogged on this site a whole bunch of times, but I thought I'd at least mention the side dish since it was a new recipe and I really enjoyed how it turned out.

The squash rings were made using a recipe from Christina Pirello's Cooking the Whole Foods Way, which is cookbook that I love. The recipe called for acorn squash, but we didn't grow any of those this past year (we grew sweet dumpling and lakota squashes), so I used some butternut squashes that we have been storing since the fall. We bought them from a neighboring organic farmer along with spaghetti squashes.

The squash was sliced into rings with the skin left on. They were simmered in a pan with enough water to half cover. Then cooked until tender enough to pierce with a fork. The sauce was made with equal parts tahini and brown rice syrup. Plus some soy sauce and parsley (we used dried, but the recipe called for fresh). Stirred up over medium heat until it thickened, it added a nice flavor to the squash. Yum!

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