Friday, February 8, 2008

Falafel, Whole Wheat Pita, Hummus, Trish Sauce, Peach Galettes

Dinner 2/8 by Tony

• Falafel

• Whole Wheat Pita

• Hummus

Sesame Seed Sauce

• Peach Galettes

Tony is truly gifted with breads. He has the amazing ability to make pitas from scratch. I've never tried, but I imagine there's a bit of magic involved when it comes to creating the pocket inside. To make the pitas, he used freshly ground whole wheat flour and I think that always makes them so much better than store bough pitas.

Inside our pitas, we put falafels, hummus, chopped dilly beans and a sesame seed sauce we affectionally call "Trish Sauce" named after a DR intern who made it a lot. If you're looking for sauces named after folks, you can also check out "Stan Sauce", a versatile blend based on miso and nutritional yeast.

For dessert, Tony used some leftover crust from the other night to make little freeform peach pies called galettes. The filling was made with some peaches from our orchard that we canned two summers ago. It's amazing how much flavor the canned products still retain. I'm not a fan of food in tin cans, but putting it up in jars for the winter is a whole other ballgame.

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