Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vegan Lasagna, Sprout Salad, Applesauce

Dinner 3/1 by Dan

• Vegan lasagna

• Sprout salad

• Apple sauce

Mmmm, salad. It's one of those things that people find hard to believe one would miss. And yet, when you're trying to eat things that are in season, you don't usually get to have cabbage in March. The only reason we had this was because somebody here at DR had bought it for themselves and then left for a week, giving it to us rather than letting it go bad. Dan combined it with some mung beans that he sprouted and sunflower seeds to make an original dish.

An then there was the lasagna. Whipping up some noodles from semolina flour, and combining them with his trademark from-scratch same-day tofu, Dan may have outdone himself. I've been having some digestive issues from eating too much nutritional yeast, so Dan left the cheez out. I didn't miss it at all.

Amy and I took a trip to Minnesota back in September of last year and came back with a few apples from an organic orchard up there; our own apples had had their lives brutally cut short by a late frost. We managed to whip up the only fruit product of the year, apple sauce. And here we are in March, enjoying the fruits of our labor (pun intended).

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M said...

I love your blog! I love the fact that you folks are throwing together meals using things that you have on hand. We live in a world where hopping into a car and zooming to the store is the norm when an ingredient is missing -- it's nuts. Can't wait to kickstart my garden this spring to try to learn to cook around what I grow (and preserve) a bit more.