Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tony's World Famous Vegan Pizza

Dinner 5/31 by Tony

• Various Pizzas with any combination of the following toppings: pepperoni-soysage, tempeh, sun-dried tomatoes, sauerkraut, dilly beans, broccoli, kalamata olives, tomato sauce, nutritional yeast cheez

• Spinach Salad with Italian Dressing

Tony's pizzas aren't world famous yet, but they really should be. When I first moved to Dancing Rabbit, Tony made other things for dinner. Then, one night he made pizza. From then on, whenever he asked what he should make for dinner, my answer was "Pizza!" Since then, we've been eating pizza at least once a month -- sometimes once a week!

Honestly, Tony makes the best pizza I've ever had. His crusts are made of fresh wheat sourdough and most of the toppings are homemade and/or locally grown (with the exception of the olives). The toppings usually change with whatever we have around, but no matter the combination, they're always incredible.

Here's Tony's recipe so you too can have world famous vegan pizza!

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